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  • Facebook: No longer a free social media tool for business?

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    This post explores how Facebook for business has evolved from a free model to a paid-for tool for the majority of businesses. Ok hands up, Facebook was never entirely free, it’s always taken time to generate content and maintain your presence on Facebook. And time = money. One of the most appealing things about Facebook is that most of the Internet using population is on it and if you could folks to click that ‘like’ button, well, you…

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  • The 7 C’s of Social Media

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    It’s a new year which makes it time for a re-focus of energies on Social Media if you want it to pay this year. The list below won’t give you all the secrets to social media success, but they’re a good start…. 1. Consistency Are you guilty of not planning what you’re going to post and when? The result: adhoc, irregular updates/blog posts that doesn’t build trust with your followers, the likelihood is it will start to annoy them (if…

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  • A plea: No more ‘Like if you’ Facebook posts…please


    *Rant warning* I’ll be discussing my current growing disdain for Facebook page posts that start with ‘Like this if’ – it’s lazy, it’s getting very repetitive and social media managers need to mix things up a little bit. Don’t get me wrong, I always advise clients on the need for calls to action (examples include: like if, comment if you agree, what do you think, has this happened to you…. the list…

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  • LinkedIn Endorsements: have you checked your skills?


    A few weeks ago, LinkedIn announced it’s new ‘Endorsements’ feature for the ‘Skills & Expertise’ section of your profile – but is it any good & what should you do? Up until recently, if you wanted to recommend someone, you had to provide a written recommendation which carries credibility but also made LinkedIn profiles the longest webpages on record where you’d collected quite a few…

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  • Hello? Is anybody there? ‘Social’ Customer Service


    In this post I’ll be exploring the need for businesses who identify one of their social media objectives as offering an enhanced customer service to actually deliver an enhanced customer service, not leave an online black hole. In the firing line this week … Supermarkets. Last week I sent the following perfectly pleasant inquiring tweet to Morrisons twitter account: Hi @morrisonsnews can you let me know if you give excess perishable…

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  • Why you should spend LESS time on social media…


    What!? Did I really just say that as a social media advisor? Well, yes. I’ll explain here why ‘do less, better’ is my mantra for Social Media. I ran a poll on LinkedIn recently, about whether Shropshire-based businesses would be spending more or less time on Social Media over the next 12 months. The results were fairly decisive:   More time: 60% Same time: 33% Less time: 7% What the results tell me is that there is still…

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  • 5 habits of highly annoying social media users


    I get asked a lot, so herein lies my (and many other folks) main social media ‘no-no’s’: a lot are down to people not having enough time/not dedicating enough time to Social Media – are you guilty of any?     1. All sell, no engagement You know, the ones who put up endless links to their website/latest offer/picture but as far as engagement goes there isn’t any? Worth noting that on Twitter, even if you…

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  • How to: get a guaranteed win from LinkedIn

    I’ll explore how you can see who knows who and get those vital warm introductions to grow your business using LinkedIn – the fast way. Answer these questions: Do you want more customers? Do you have a list of your target customers (either name, company name, position)? Are you on Linkedin and have a good number of connections (say 250+)? If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions…read on (and if you didn’t, you should keep reading…

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  • Seriously, where are you going with Social Media?

    This post explores why you have to ‘start with the end in mind’ (Steven Covey quote) with a vision statement when it comes to social media if you want to see any tangible return over time. Hands up if you don’t have a vision statement for your business (or you’re an employee and don’t know what it is)? [Getting any funny looks from your colleagues for putting your hand up to your computer?!]. What’s a vision…

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  • How to: Grow your social media followers … offline

    Just imagine: your business has a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a LinkedIn company and personal profile, a blog and a YouTube channel – and you’ve got an initial flurry of followers (because you asked your contacts, friends, your mum and your dog) but now you’ve stalled and you don’t know how to boost your followers and engagement? Sound familiar? Welcome to most businesses I’ve talked to – one of many key…

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