UK Paleo Awards

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Never one to shy away from a new challenge, I decided at the start of 2017 that the amazing UK Paleo Community needed putting on the map some more: what better way than to launch a national Paleo Awards?!

There’s one in the US every year, so why not do something similar on this side of the pond!

And so the UK Paleo Awards was born.


There are 12 Categories:

1.  Paleo Meat Supplier of the year
2.  Paleo-friendly Restaurant, Café or Delivery Service of the year
3.  Paleo-friendly Drink of the year
4.  Paleo Snack of the year
5.  Paleo Blogger of the year
6.  International Paleo Blogger of the year
7.  Innovative Paleo Product of the year
8.  Paleo Breakfast Product of the year
9.  Paleo Book/eBook of the year
10. Paleo Food Business of the year
11. Paleo-friendly Chocolate of the year
12. Paleo Recipe of the Year

And one special judges-only award:

Award for Outstanding Contribution to the UK Paleo Community

It’s been a brilliant journey so far, discovering even more Paleo bloggers, businesses and products than I already new existed, we’re heading towards 1,000 in the UK now which is astonishing for what is apparently a very niche audience – not so much any more!

Head on over to the UK Paleo Awards Websiteto find out more about entering, voting, judging, sponsors, judges and most importantly, who the winners and runners-up are!