Healthy Perspective

Healthy Perspective logoLet me share a little story with you ….

…. about 4 years ago, my body literally started to fall to pieces (dramatic, moi? Never!). The list included, but is not restricted to: osteoarthritis, depression, anxiety, menstrual problems, poor gut health, inadequate iron quality.

I decided to take control of my body and find a natural way to heal it. I tried the ‘traditional’ GP route but I just found no answers, only prescriptions or offers of surgery, neither of which appealed!

Everyone’s journey is unique – mine (so far!) has included chinese medicine, kinesiology, paleo, primal and gluten free nutrition, high grade supplements and exercise.

The Healthy Perspective website was born from one little Facebook post in 2014 sharing a picture of a green smoothie I had made myself – the reaction was large and divisive (half said ‘ugh’, the other half said ‘oooh, share the recipe’). From that Facebook post a Healthy Perspective Facebook page was born. From that Facebook page a Healthy Perspective website came into being and it has evolved into what it is today.

The website is very much about signposting to where you might find answers to common health ailments, inspiring you to eat and live cleaner and helping you source better quality food, beauty products and household items.

For the first time in a long, long time, I feel ‘healed’ and it’s a pretty awesome feeling. I figured if it’s worked for little old me, maybe just maybe, it can work for others.

Healthy Perspective logoI help individuals visiting Healthy Perspective by:

  • Providing a vast directory of Paleo (and clean living) food producers, restaurants, cafes, holidays, exercise, experts, health professionals and clean living bloggers
  • Including lots of Paleo & primal recipe ideas and green smoothie recipes
  • Explaining the concept of a Paleo lifestyle and providing endless resources for further learning
  • Listing out my favourite Paleo & Clean living books to help you find out more and get you cooking
  • Carrying out product and book reviews so you know what’s hot and what’s not in the Paleo world
  • Uploading news from the Paleo & Clean living industry
  • Offering a FREE 10 week ‘Transition to Paleo’ programme

I work with other businesses via Healthy Perspective in the following ways:

  • Product reviews
  • Product giveaways
  • Recipe collaborations
  • Industry interviews
  • Website advertising
  • Social Media promotion

If you’d like to work with me, know of a business that should be a part of Healthy Perspective, or have any other query, just drop me a line.