I split my time between two very different (but equally exciting and challenging) things: Running a Paleo & clean living website and providing Social media services.

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Healthy Perspective is the UK’s largest Paleo, Primal & clean living directory website and includes great recipes, product and book reviews – plus an introduction to the Paleo way of life.

After not finding information in the Paleo sector easily a few years ago, and sharing images of Paleo recipes that I created, this website is now leading the way in signposting people to a healthier lifestyle.

I work with artisan food producers, toxin-free beauty manufacturers, Paleo bloggers (to name but a few) to bring you the very best this amazing and rapidly growing area of health and well-being has to offer.


Social Media, Jan MinihaneSocial Media continues to evolve, grow, confuse and bamboozle most businesses. It’s an essential for the vast majority of businesses and organisations, yet so few give it the time and attention it needs to provide a tangible return for your company.

I’ve worked in social media advisory, training and management for over 7 years (which, let’s face it, is a lifetime for this industry!). Building on my corporate and business advisory background, Social Media became an essential part of my client offering.

For a select number of clients, I provide social media management on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & Pinterest.

At it’s worst, social media is a cost centre for business, consumers expect you to be more available than just via a website. At it’s best, it’s a revenue generator and brand booster like no other.