• A time of change … and more of a ‘Healthy Perspective’

    Healthy Perspective, Jan Minihane, Paleo

    For those of you that know me personally, you know the last 18 months have been a time of very BIG change – divorce, moving house, new partner, getting pregnant, arrival of gorgeous boy no.3 were the highlights – it’s tested my juggling skills I can tell you! However, over a longer period, behind the scenes, my health hasn’t been all that great. Out of bad though comes good and a whole new understanding of health,…

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  • A Small Business Reaction to the Spending Review 2010

    Enough of the negativity – there is always good to be found in bad, so lets have a think: The huge swathes of public sector job cuts will lead to a significant increase in the number of start-up businesses and home workers in the private sector either through choice or because private sector jobs are insufficient. Many, if not all, will need help and support to succeed and so the upside for business support providers is more work should be…

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